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Video: Comment 01
Comment 01

Brahim hamdi   Thanks so muCh great reaCher 

Stafford junior    thanx very much ...a got quiz tumorrow im sure ill pass it. God bless
Shigeruken   Thanks for doing this, hours of lectures condensed into eight minutes that's well produced and easy to follow.

Armandolara94   Thanks so much man. Better explained than my college instructor to be honest haha

Ciaramc29   thank you I missed my lectures in college so this is really helpful for my test tomorrow

Shamshadnable   Thanks great teacher.
Madhura Darshana   its great explanation ! Thank you !

Gort Newton   Very nicely explained. You have a good manner about teaching.

Houssin Inani   thank you very much , i'd like it

Peter Clark   This will help a lot in my class, thanks.

EvanTrinity   Excellent! it can not be explained simpler! Thank you!!
Video: Comment 02
Comment 02
Bg witka   Great explanation. Thank you. Only wish my teacher knew how to explain things so well.

DeeJayOhh   Thank you ! very mush this helps me alot ....keep it it up !!!

Bernard chu   thank you

PeeteZa   This guy is good. Love the quality of the video and teachings.

Dabears900    well done

beckis0   Excellent! This was a very good explanation. Thanks! Keep it up!

Skarlet491   awesome helped alot

XOAhmedOx   that was awesome !

Ahmed Medhat   this so cool; thank you so much !

Theartfulbadger2   Very clearly explained, thanks.
CheetosBmwIreland   Best explanation thanks

Rich Kidd   thats my professor... awsome

Willman32    Sweet transitions

2S1D3   I finally understand digital logic!

Djspikeone   Przydało się! Dzięki !

Cloudpuffballz   If only my professor can explain it to me this way.. thanks! :)

Lavsprat    Super!!!.
Video: Comment 03
Comment 03
Milehimonster   thank you for this video! You make it simple

Tokanjahat   thanks, its a gem for my physics class

SIN4EVER14   wow...this is brilliant. Thanks a lot!

Phil3992   Come teach at my uni, this has been explained so much better by you :)

Travelsonic   My god, I am actually able to understand this. *kicks old computer architecture textbook hard*

Map1k9   very well explained!

BoundlessGameStudios   Thanks

Max Tuzzolino-Smith    Best tutorial ever. Much better than my professor! Thank you very much sir!

Roseline Rakkini   u r awesome!!! luv u n ur teaching

Openmind117   Amazing

Subash shankhadev    its relly helps tq so much

Jbrake09    Awesome explanation.

Ashwin nox   thank-u ....helped a lot.
MyRandomReviews    Thank you!

Goondel    I don't know what this topic is, and I already feel like I'm an expert at it. Kudos!

YAHYA AL ABBAS   woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

Marliz Felismino   i loved the way you teach us than my trash professor he's really annoying! since i learned from you..would you mind to teach us about logic gates convert to NAND gates? it really hard for me to perform this:(

Vampires Crypt   Excellent explanation ! Kudos to you !!

Eshara Randeniya    briliant teaching,thanks a million.

Tzq33tdq   This is awesome. It has answered all of the qustions I had!

John Rezan Leslie   Seriously, thank you sir. I understand this thing 15mins before the exam thanks to you!!

Almutasim q   Thanks
Video: Comment 04
Comment 04
Jimwell John Balatero   ASMR!! I like the sound the way he wrote as well as explained. :)

EarthwormJim28   I wish you were my professor for this

Mohammed Jaih    Fantastic Bro Keep This Up Please!

Pcbmstuvwxyz   men!!! your such a star in your teachings,.. big up up !!!

NzCdog    Great tutorials... thanks for making them!

Dabears900   thank you!

Cassiedez06   thank you very much for this tutorial...very well explained :) i got it for the first time

Michael Kwame Okyere   This is great Boss... Can you do a video on flip flop? Thx.

TheRaptor1993   you made my day !!!

BradTheRoy   made my prof look like a joke thx

Kay9vision    I literally said "Finally" after this. Thanks man

OWnedByFridge   made it look so simple

MiguelBicycles   I can understand your accent way more than my asian prof. I finally understand! Thanks!

Mahdi adwan   you are fantastic I hope that my teacher can do as you

Jamsongg   This was so useful.

Ashika Ichamah   Great explanation :) Thank you so much :)

Juggernaut   I have never seen more relevant website name.

Scotty McLean   you say plus, you're a teacher. I say plus, my teacher flips out. Now it's permanent to ALWAYS use and, or. (i really wish you were my teacher because this made a million times more sense) PLUS YOU SAY "PLUS"

Sedani2   nice video, man A level electronics is so hard!! Karnaugh maps are much easier!!

Sheeraz Ahmed   i actually feel so stupid after watching this..


SamuelSSA   you're awesome thank you

Warnexus   thanks man! you owned my professor!
Video: Comment 05
Comment 05
Christian Torres   Thank you sooooo much for uploading this tutorial. It all makes sense now! Thank you :).

1Mperios   hahaha this made my day, excellent video nevertheless.

ParamjitGill1   i finally understand!

Passivity211   I was going to come to the Learning Center of the College and ask you about Boolean Algebra, here it is, I come home and key in Boolean Algebra search engine, and find you here. Thanks, Professor Miro. I know understand Boolean Algebra perfectly well. I'l be sure to tell the other student about this video as well.

Harsh Dhruv   This is awesome thank you, much appreciated.

MusicIsNeverTooLoud    wooow he is really awesome!!

Sensfan07    Thanks for uploading this video has helped me out a lot your explanation of it made it clear to understand thanks :D

Trentcreek   Yes, very good explanation. I do not know why the lecturers and book just cannot come out and say this rather than assume you know what they are doing already.

Kiiiizle   This has been THE best explanation of how to do this ever, everyone else makes it so damn complicated! Will be sharing!

Kho zinhoياعم ما تنجز انت بطئ كدة ليييه :

Ray Christian   God bless the internet.

Giorgio Capocasa   Super easy to follow. Very well-made video

Priyanka Bharti   Very helpful. Thanx.

Naigela Savanah   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much!!!

Tyler Mitchell   thanks man!!! much needed review for my test!!!!

Henry Cruz  You are a genius

Plasticmarshmallo   Thank you sir for clearing things up

Booblue334   you are better than my teacher! thanks! i don't know how i would have passed my test without you!

Openmindeddragontree   Thank You so much. You helped me finish a section of my homework. :)

Nabila Makhtar   thank you!

Video: Comment 06
Comment 06

Akhil vm   great sir!!!thank you very much...finally i understood ...pls keep posting such useful videos...

Nabil El Maafi   thank you very very very much

InderPSalle   Gooth work!!!!

Xspart   thank you sir,this was really helpful :)

Sherwoodpark   nice neat writing with easy to follow instructions. you even sound like my lab teacher. i hope you keep making these video's. thank you

Ace canaria   thank you very much ....

Sabrina Moh'd   Thx a lot helped


Andy Juarez   dude u should be my math teacher i would get a an A!

Steven Sandoval   thanks for helping me with my homework!!!!!!!!! :)

Alex Honeywood   Good way of explaining thanks

StarryNightMary   I see, I see. Thank you.

Chris Negron    your way better than my math teacher :D

Theonlyashley213    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! My math teacher doesn't explain it like that! :D Thanks.!

Ddougy1    I understand you better than my math teacher

96simplyme    This helped me so much ! I didn't understand how I could do a problem with just Variables.

Janred45   Very simple concept the way you have presented it. Thank you.

Video: Comment 07
Comment 07

BlandAccount    Thank you! I understand now! And I love your videos!

Christian Brown    oh, NOW I GET IT

Mizzymatt111    TY so much!!!!!

YuMmYDuMmTV    love thiis thank u tons

Clainbro    YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Appria negrete    thank you very much!

Bobicemj    Wow thank you so much for the video. I understand it a little bit more. THANKS

Drew ellett    God, why does algebra have to be so hard?? I always get so confused and feel like the teachers always rush me. Online lessons are the best because I don't feel that way and have enough time to actually understand it! Thank you so much for your help!!!