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Technical Support Q&A

Q1. Difficulty registering?

Q2. I subscribed (made the payment) but I still do not have access to video tutorials. What should I do?
- Press F5 key on the keyboard and try to play a video tutorial one more time.
- Change the internet browser to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Compass.  
- Check your email box for the PayPal confirmation of your payment. If you have not received your confirmation email, it means the transaction have not been completed. Resubmit your transaction for payment. You will NOT be charged for multiple attempts for payment.

Q3. I tried to visit http://www.finallyunderstand.com/ , but there is a message on the screen that says, "No server found".
Every server (computer) needs updates and maintenance. It doesn't happen quite often, but it can occur. However, this will only last for 1 hour or less.

If you experience any other technical problem email us at [email protected]


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